Snow Melting Services

The last few winters will certainly be remembered for record monthly snowfalls and storms. Clearing the streets and parking lots has never been harder since there is nowhere left to put the snow. With snow budgets nearing or have already reached depletion don't spend extra money on hauling the snow away just melt it in place. On average it takes one hour to haul only 6 tons of snow locally.

Tarantino's has imported a state-of-the art sixty ton per hour snow melting machine to assist in the region's snow crisis. The melter can be brought right to the area where your snow management problems are the greatest. Then turn sixty two yard buckets of snow back into regular water to be discharged into the storm or sewer drains. The best part is that the melter returns the snow water back to the ground clearer than if it melted in the normal course of time.

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Read the write up in the New Haven Independent.
This is the machine Tarantino Landscapes uses to melt the snow